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introducing… knives

so people have been asking about this “knives” character and i feel it is my duty to educate the masses. Knives Chau is a 17 year old, Chinese-Canadian who is in love with Scott Pilgrim but dating Young Neil/Neil mostly because he reminds her of Scott Pilgrim. Knives is an impressionable, passionate and emotional high schooler (yes, that’s all pretty much redundant) and a stalker and a slightly insane person who can change her mood on a dime. She is delightfully awkward and sometimes spastic but a fighter and a lover and a clinger.

She totally reminds me of me. Ok, so I probably didn’t SEEM insane or moody to most people, but that’s because I was on the defense most of my high school years, at least 11th and 12th grade, which is the age Knives is. I also desperately wanted to be like everyone else, well, at least those i perceived as cooler than me, and I was madly in love with a boy who basically ignored me. Also, I did have a crush on an “older man” at least for part of my junior year. But he knows all about that and Ohio was a little too far to actually partake in any stalking activities.

So of all the characters in the Scott Pilgrim series, I relate to Knives the most. And not just because she’s Asian, though of course that doesn’t hurt.  I’m excited to see what Ellen Wong does with the character in the upcoming movie, which may or may not do the series justice (I’m leaning toward may). And I’m pretty sure that I have an easy costume when I need one and there will at least be someone who will know who I am. We’ll see how the movie does in the mainstream.


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