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36 things: may – june – july edition

yikes I’ve totally fallen behind on this. let’s see what I remember:


1. new place: Legacy Hall, New Town

In May I had the extreme pleasure of putting together a City Arts Cafe event with my favorite local band, Poisoned Dwarf. They are so fun to listen to and seem like a great group of guys. I totally get enamored with Irish music – must be in the genes.

Legacy Hall is a gorgeous space, and great acoustically. We did break even on the ticket sales, so that’s good. But for a space run by tax dollars, it sure is pricey. i suppose they keep the rates high like that to keep the riff raff out. But it’s sad that it goes underutilized. so pretty.

2. old friend: the fife and drummer friends of Oli’s

so i’m counting these people. they aren’t exactly “old friends” but i feel like i only see them once a year when Oliver decides to come around for drummer’s call. it’s fun to watch them all get together and tell old stories and goof off like kids again. and the music. there is just something about the old fife and drum that stirs the heart. nothing like it and it makes me happy to know people who have that in their history. and i get a kick out of watching Oli march around 😉

3. writing: nothing to report. obviously i was slacking off on the blog front.


1. new place: busch gardens oktoberfest park garden thingy

so I had never made it to a Glory in the Gardens event last summer and it was my goal to get to at least once this year. and i did. so i’m proud. plus it was Steven Curtis Chapman which simultaneously makes me feel old and young again. i know that makes sense to someone reading this.

and even though it was blazing hot, the location is such an improvement from the old castle theatre which was both seated and packed out every time. it just couldnt seat as many people and those chairs arent the most comfortable. so good call, Busch slash Seaworld Entertainment Director. now build us some more shade structures over there. thanks in advance.

new place 2: James-York Playhouse

The Williamsburg Players put on “Company the musical” and a friend from church was the star. He was awesome and though I figured he had some talent, i had no idea how much. The space is cool too – your fairly standard black box. We ended up in front and center which was fun. I wish I had more time to get involved in the group because I think I’d enjoy that. But I’m sure I’ll be back there again. in fact, I plan to audition for a readers theatre thingy, not so much to actually be IN it, but auditioning is good, um, practice.

2. old friend: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nope cant think of anyone

3. writing: i sent out a few things that were on the semi professional side. one is anonymous, but i’ll just say it was for a ministry that needed some input from yours truly and hopefully it will go to good use. i am not one who needs my name on everything and in fact in some ways, i think it would take away from the message of what I was trying to share if people knew who i was. I wont go into details but it does have to do with The Sex.


1. new place: Cherokee, North Carolina

ok, it’s not technically in Virginia, but it’s new. and i went there. and it was awesome. so i’m counting it.

2. old friend: Cheryl Jansen, Mrs Van Heusen, and Mr V.!

My parents and I went over to Busch Gardens for their anniversary to just walk around and see stuff. and as we were standing at the Festhaus waiting for the “world’s largest cuckoo clock” to “chime” we ran into the Van Heusens! Cheryl was the music director for Northport Baptist Church while I was in high school and college and my bro Tim was in the worship team and such. I always really appreciated Cheryl’s ministry and her husband Pete who is the youth pastor. And Mr Van Heusen (who insists I call him Grant, but it seems so odd) was my gym teacher at South Shore back in the day. He was hands down my favorite gym teacher ever and still one of the very nicest men you can ever meet. I keep forgetting that they live so close. He and his family go to that “other” church in town… haha. But it was great to see them and catch up.

3. writing: I would just like to point out that Facebook was totally a reference for me on this little exercise… wow I need to get a life!!!

ok all caught up. i need to work on the writing bit…


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