random robin

new years resolutions… um yeah…

so now that it’s AUGUST, i figure i should get around to my new year’s resolution goals. ahem.

first up is the violin. so i’ve wanted to play for like ever since i realized i was asian and didn’t play the violin. i felt i was betraying my ancestors or something. so i bought one and it’s fine though its owner is a complete spazz. it’s helpful that my instructor is awesome and seems very patient (i’m sure i’ll try his patience fairly soon) and it doesn’t hurt that he’s hot. (um he doesnt read blogs)

secondly, i have a full fall/holiday season already and it’s just barely getting darker earlier. i did want to be more involved and have more get togethers and encourage my friends to explore their creative artistic talents this year. so i’m doing it. Talent Show, Saturday Sept 25th at Harbour Coffee in New Town. It will be epic. or at least fun. I’m hoping for a huge turnout and everyone will do something incredible. I’m positive I have awesome friends and no matter what it will be a great night.

thirdly, i decided early on this year that i will not turn 37.

and finally, i not only have my own place, i now have a click clack (that’s what they call it in france allegedly) where my guests can sleep in my guest slash music room. it is ready and waiting for a guest. at any time now. esp those with names starting with…


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