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with fear and trepidation…

So it’s been announced that Warner Bros is looking to buy the rights to do an adaptation of the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. Anyone who knows me at all past “hello, how are you” knows that I think this is the single greatest series of utmost importance in the entire history of the world. Well, more or less.

Anyway, here are some random thinks as I think them:

* do not cast an “all star” cast. find someone who fits and will probably be better at acting. it will be cheaper and you’ll need the budget for special effects. i realize you are Warner Bros after all and will want to get big names to carry this off. a few might be ok, but for the love of Morpheus dont put any of your teeny bopper WB roster in there.

* dont be lame with special effects. spend the money and do it flawlessly. there is nothing worse than seeing crap. especially when it’s someone else’s.

* something along the lines of Pan’s Labyrinth would be sweet. actually, on further thought, if you can afford Guillermo del Toro, get him to do something. actually…

* really, i think in keeping with the feel of the books, you could get different directors and/or writers for every episode. lots of shows do this successfully. x-files, carnivale, six feet under, etc. just like the artwork in each part of the series was unique, i’d like to see the episodes have specific looks to them too.

* take the good parts about the watchmen movie and learn from the bad. i actually liked some of the shots that religiously and fervently recreated entire panels of the book. i think that’s an amazing accomplishment, though i know some diehards were turned off by that. whatever. we want to know that the people responsible for the show have actually read the thing. like i’m not entirely sure that tim burton ever actually read sleepy hollow… which is ok cuz he’s tim burton. but still.

* that said, dont be too fervent in recreating the book. anyone who has ever (1) read a book and (2) watched a movie know they are not the same thing. they are quite different in fact and some may say they are even independent of each other. like whoa! (except when it’s in another language and you have to read subtitles)

for the record, i am actually not a purist. for example, i enjoyed sleepy hollow in all its madness. i mean who doesnt appreciate christopher walken as a bloodthirsty freak? and i have a rule where i wont read the related book before seeing a movie if i happen to have not read the book related to the forthcoming movie first. i find that i do tend to have higher standards once i’ve read the book and preconceived notions about anything really is unfair to everyone involved.

but at the same time, if something is really really bad, it wont inspire anyone to go run out and read the related book which would make me sad. the entire story from start to finish is THAT brilliant that i feel everyone should read it. like, even though i personally got angry with it, i do feel that the movie version of Coraline boosted its related book sales and that had to be enough for me to be happy.

* so i kinda feel like Neil Gaiman *IS* Morpheus though he isnt an actor and i would imagine he wouldnt be any good at it. just a hunch. but i do think that when they cast someone they should be thinking Neil Gaiman but an actor. that said, i am not sure i would totally suggest he plays the part, but i wouldnt necessarily be against it either. it might be cool to have him in there somewhere as someone. kinda like how stan lee always shows up.

* and finally, i wish i was an actor because i would do a great Death 🙂


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