For the beauty of the music

It’s funny sometimes. As the music director at my church, I get to be the one who hears the complaints and “suggestions” and little notes in my mailbox about how this could have been better or that song was too loud or the lyrics had a typo. It’s all good and I take everything seriously and remain humbled at the amount of work and thought that goes into every service.

But today, we received more compliments on the music than we have in a long time. For one thing people enjoyed the simplicity – minimalist approach as one friend put it. We had two of us singing (both women which isn’t better or worse, just different usually having a male lead) and just piano and bass. No guitars or drums or other instruments.

We also did one of my fav old school hymns For the beauty of the earth. It’s such a lovely melody and tho we changed the rhythm from a strict 4/4 to a flowing 3/4, it was still pretty traditional.

I find it encouraging when people respond to what we’re trying to do musically. Sometimes I am just left to wonder if anyone thinks about these things as much as I do. And then people take the time to send a note or catch me after service and it touches my heart that there are people who do appreciate our efforts. And God is worshipped. In the end that’s all that matters. But its a nice bonus when it sounds glorious.


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