Best and brightest

I first met D Scott at a show when he was in Ultrachronic at Three Kings. I knew instantly that he was the real thing not some punk!#$% who thought he was god’s gift to Denver or someone who only thought about what you could do for him. He was sincere and deeply grateful, knowing people had a choice to be a small myriad of places, but they were there and he was going to win them over. And he did.

I learned much from him. He reminded me how to be kind and respectful, how to always take care of each other, how to not burn bridges. He was a huge supporter of the scene, everyone’s biggest cheerleader and sincerely appreciative when others cheered for him. We are all cheering for you, D.Scott. I pray your spirit lives on in D-town. There should be so many more like you, the best and brightest stars in the sky.

Much love and blessings to family and friends. Esp to his wife and the flash mob boys. Grace and peace be with you.


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