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36 things: August edition

new place:  Wintersound, Gloucester

Ok, ok, it’s not Williamsburg but in this town, it’s hard to find new places to go. Anyway, Wintersound is just over the bridge into the small world of Gloucester where they still have all town parades that last about 10 minutes. I only know this because Salvation Army used to be in it and though I was supposed to go dressed as a Christmas tree, I never did.

Anyway, again, Wintersound is a music store. It’s a great store and the owner is super friendly and the staff seems nice enough and I purchased a violin. I ran away from the violin for many many years because I was rebelling against the fact (mostly) that all asians play a stringed instrument. Well, piano is included in that more or less, but you know what I mean.

so now I make the trek (and it is a long drive… well, for someone who mostly drives within a 10 mile radius every day) to Gloucester over the bridge (I should probably get an e-z pass) for violin lessons and to randomly buy sheet music and assorted things that I probably don’t need. I’m taking the drummer and bassist up there one of these days so we can covet the amps and boards.

old friend: MATT FEAREY!!

so other than the fact that i make fun of it every chance I get, I did make some good friends while at Word of Life Bible Institute. One of those friends was Matt Fear of the Lord E-Y.  everyone thought we were “together” but we weren’t ever as far as I’m aware. but we were cute when appearing in the same general space.

it was so nice to see him and to feel like in alot of ways he hadn’t changed one bit. and yet he did and so did I and 20 some years can do that. he still makes me laugh. anyway, it’s always fun to talk trash about WOL but also to reflect on what we did actually learn from it all and I think we are all better people for it. well, most of us.

writing: bah humbug

so i’ve been mostly reading lately, trying to find some scripts and music for the great big christmas show. I did think about writing something, but who am I kidding. i cant get into that right now. work has been crazy and church life has been crazy and my personal life has been crazy and it’s all good stuff. but it’s crazy.

so i completely revamped my website and now i’m starting a new project that will force me to write something once a day. kind of a la Julie/Julia blogging. we’ll see how long that lasts… stay tuned. or not. i have been known to start things……..


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