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bored bored bored bored bored

haha. not me.

I was talking to someone about how he was bored and he wanted something new and fresh and exciting to happen and i thought, dude! I can hand you any number of projects from little to large right now. I had the feeling that wasn’t what he meant though.

Being busy you can be bored. I know that feeling. Though i honestly can say that I just don’t experience that any more. If something is tedious to me, I either find someone else to do it or find a way to inject new life.

I suppose that in some ways, my great love of people and their creative energy works for me. I find just getting to know someone new is exciting, even if they themselves are kinda boring. What I mean is that I see every person like one of those dolls that nestle inside each other. Some of them have more layers than others, but it’s fun trying to find out how many there are. Onions have layers. And some people smell.

Anyway, lots going on for me and trying to get all my ducks in a row for the events coming up. Pastor Brandon in our church staff meeting talked about our “circle of concern” v. “circle of responsbility” and how we have to define what is really in our direct responsibility and kind of let go of the things that are not. I’m finding that it’s easier and easier to do that because I’m always creating something new to be responsible for.

That said, here are some things I’m doing…

* Christmas carolling program at… big announcement coming up – still working out details, but it will be fun!

* Sing-along Saturdays with the Seniors… working with a nursing home in the area to play piano and sing some crazy old tunes that I barely know

* Children’s music program… more info on that soon but launching in January. i will not be dressed as a clown. that’s all i got right now.

* City Arts Cafe on November 5th – working on a flyer with a great venue I’m excited about partnering with!!

* Worship leaders networking group – “launching” in 2011, but I’m starting to get some good feedback and hopefully will get to use some of my gleanings from the worship conference I went to soon .

* big huge gigantic music festival… spring 2011… ok, not really that big. i tend to think big, but it will be fairly medium sized. at least the first year…

* Christmas with Grace – the radio show! Dec 11th! Can’t wait! the set list is hilarious, in my opinion. I love making silly set lists.

* other stuff too if you can believe that. and I’m trying to finish a recording that was supposed to be done for Christmas… we’ll see if that happens!!!

so yeah, I’m not bored 😀



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