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how a christian can sing “imagine”

so i remember ever since like high school, it was scandalous to listen to and therefore enjoy the song “imagine” by john lennon. first of all, we all knew what a dirty hippy he was and how he left his wife for some crazy gook. (I can say that because i’m asian and therefore can mock my peeps. them’s the rules. i didnt write them.)

then we also know the notorious line “and no religion too” and we all collectively gasp in horror. no religion?! what does THAT mean, young man?

well, i can tell you. religion is not cool. take that, old lady. (fyi – i am not inferring any particular “old lady” i am merely taking the opposite of “young man”)

truth is if you understand from the beginning, God didn’t set up “religion” and He didn’t set up “government” and He hates injustice and cruelty and He will eventually wipe out the world and create a utopia for eternity.

now you have to stretch your mind a little, which is frightful i know, but honestly, imagine is a great song to say in the end, this is all going bye bye and we will all live in peace, for those who remain. i’m not getting into that right now, but i’m just saying that if you ever catch me singing this song, dont stone me.

imagine that.


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