Life is fine… tra la la…

No. But sometimes I am so self absorbed and tune out what everyone else is doing and going through. I pray for people, and certain of the christian set will argue that’s the best and sometimes most you can do. But I say that’s a poor excuse for going about your own life because that’s what is more important to you any way. If it doesn’t cost you anything, your love is worthless.

I found out recently that a friend and former roommate died befor christmas. I found out because I did a search on her name and an obituary came up. The worst part though was that I knew it would. I knew she was sick and we had talked… sometimes all I do is talk… about meeting up. I offered to fly out to see her last year but I think she put me off for whatever reason. Or maybe that was just a poor excuse for me to go on about my life. I am sometimes a terrible friend. Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows I am an out of sight out of my mind person.

And that has to stop. I say it all the time… people are all that matters. Period.

“Let’s get together then, we know we’ll have a good time then…”

In loving memory of bonnie bell, fka foster
be at peace, dear one


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