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Woman 1: Frances Perkins

Editors Note: The opinions expressed in this series will be entirely mine mine mine. So there. I love women, I do I truly do.  But lest we blanketly paint a rosy picture of everything women have done and continue to do, let’s remember the daily struggle of what it means to be a woman, and a successful, ambitious one at that. I celebrate these women because they left a legacy. But I also will be honest in saying, it sure aint easy.

Frances Perkins was the first woman to sit on the President’s Cabinet. And I don’t mean the one in his kitchen.

She was the Secretary of Labor (ironically women know a thing or two about Labor) and was a big part of the New Deal, which some will say brought us where we are today… namely, blogging about how messed up our country is in total freedom and on an iPad.

She also was key in minimum wage legislation and child labor, of neither have I a problem. (just kidding but man that was a weird phrase to use)

You can read more about her on wikipedia of course

But I would also like to note that her husband was said to be manic-depressive and was institutionalized. How’s that for an accomplishment? I can’t help but wonder how successful, level headed women like Frances, at least she was from what I’ve read, marry men who are emotionally unstable? It’s fascinating to me.


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