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Woman 2: Karen Carpenter

No one did it like Karen Carpenter. I can just say that much. Her voice was like butta. No seriously, she made it look all too easy and to boot she was a great drummer. Well, I dont know if she wore boots or not.

To this day, whenever I hear a Karen Carpenter song, I have to stop and listen and get a little melancholy, no matter how happy I was moments before. It is such a tragedy to me that a woman this talented and beautiful and successful could have such an incredibly tormented view of herself and control issues to the degree she did.

Bulimia/anorexia is a horrible state of being. As someone who has struggled with my weight issues pretty much since college, i have always been able to relate to what makes a woman like Karen go to such extremes. What people don’t know is the image in one’s head that doesn’t look anything like what is actually there. It’s a kind of dementia that our society tends to overlook, quite literally. It’s that ever careful balance between, of course you aren’t overweight with yes, you could lose some weight.  At this extreme, though, it’s more about control and perception than actual numbers on a scale, and it is so painful to see someone suffer the way she must have all her life.

Anyway, it is awesome that we have Youtube and Wikipedia to see people’s lives in a nutshell, but it is so sad that we look back at someone’s life and have to have entire paragraphs on someone’s illness. But hopefully, the attention she brought to these issues has saved hundreds and thousands, of lives since then.

But focusing again, on her contribution to the music world… here she is. Love her! I have GOT to learn drums!


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