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Woman 8: Lucille Ball

Try as they might, no one will ever be Lucille Ball. She was everyone’s favorite and paved the way for women in comedy ever since.

What I think I love most about her is she was beautiful. I know, it seems backwards to be complimenting a tough, strong, intelligent, witty, gutsy woman for her looks. We women want to be respected and admired for all the same reasons as men, for our intellect and strength of character and what-have-you.

And here I am saying Lucille was an all-time champion beauty. And why do I point that out? Because it’s funny to me. She could have been the standard blasé leading lady, damsel in distress (well, she was that) and just let the men do all the work while she had her nails done. But she didnt. She took over and she made us all laugh and will continue to make our kids laugh (if our kids are cool like that).

she’ll always be one of my favorites, someone I looked up to as a kid. Having a sense of humor that is smart and witty as well as completely goofy and ridiculous will get you far in life. Like at least a dozen blog readers.


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