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Woman 9: Corrie Ten Boom

If you grew up in the world I did, you are well familiar with this woman. She was a Dutch Christian whose family hid Jews during the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands. Her family gave refuge to many Jewish families during a horrific time in our globe’s history. Her book, The Hiding Place, has sold millions of copies all over the world as a testament to the enduring message of strength of character in the midst of fear and chaos. It also serves as a reminder that Nazis totally and completely sucked.

And because I’m not all peaches and cream, as you know, I have to say that it always bothered me a little bit that she never married and had kids. Sure she has this amazing story and legacy that will last for many years to come, but it also makes me wonder. But enough of that.  I’ve heard she said once that she felt like she had hundreds of children and that was enough for her. She’s a true heroine.


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