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Woman: Elizabeth Jane Cochrane, aka Nellie Bly

(Editors note: this is part of a series that was supposed to be posted during women’s month, but the writer got uber lazy and will now post random women of note throughout the year. because let’s face it, every month is women’s month.)


Nellie Bly was a pen name for an incredible woman who did amazing things at a time when women were doing lots of amazing things, called “history.” Not only did she travel the world alone (to this day people say not to do this) she also checked herself into a MENTAL INSTITUTION to expose the abuses of the system. I think I saw that episode on Law and Order Criminal Intent when Vincent D’onofrio (oh i love that man) went into a hospital to find someone. But that was a tv show.

Ms. Cochrane also was an activist and devoted her life to social justice issues. She lived in Pittsburgh which was a town rife with issues, and also lived and wrote about Mexico and her travels. Also, she was 31 when she got married – to a 71 year old???


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