confused christianity

So i have to get this out there because I am confused by the last few months’ hubbub about hell and its nonexistence and the fall out of thinking that maybe God is more “liberal” and free about loving and accepting everyone into His kingdom. The idea is that God loves everyone and no one will be subjected to eternal torment just because they rejected His Son Jesus.

So what you are basically saying by believing this is that Jesus kiiiinda died for nothing. Like what was the point of that? You mean there are like five billion ways to get to heaven and you can choose whichever way offends you the least and you sorta pick and choose through the bits of the Bible that dont make you completely uncomfortable and angry with God. So the death of Jesus in that horrific epic way was what, to make a point? He was doing it for emphasis to show just how much He loves us, but yeah, ok try something else and that’ll work too and I’ll just go through this because that’s how I roll.

If someone killed himself for me to love him, I wouldnt feel obligated to love him. But I also wouldnt have been made by him and given new life by him and created to worship him. and if he claimed to have done all that, well he better raise up from the dead too.

Look, I get the grief of believing that a loving Creator can destroy His creation for eternity. I get the confusion and the anger about serving a¬†sadomasochist. It’s what drove me away ultimately from Christianity in the first place. I hated that God makes us go through all these hoops in life just to finish where He started. I hate thinking what’s the point of all this every other damned day.

But to say, well, all dogs go to heaven (more or less) is to degrade EVERYone’s faith like a bite sized steak. It begs for more meat. And in the immortal words of an iconic figure of my youth… Where’s the BEEF?


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