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where is my fountain

The line from Psalm 87:7 has been in my mind a lot this year, thanks to Chris Tomlin… “All my fountains are in You.” or in the American Standard, “They that sing as well as they that dance shall say, All my fountains are in thee.”

I think about where my fountain is – it’s a beautiful, complex analogy. I think of a fountain like a water fountain, where I quench my thirst. A fountain or spring as it’s translated in the King James, cascading down a mountain, building and turning into a waterfall, or collecting into a reservoir providing running water for thousands and hundreds of thousands of people. I think of all the things i run after, long for, believe I need or miss, pouring out of my soul like so many drops of water.

And I think of all these things, good things, beautiful things, that take the place of my Fountain, the only True Fountain of Jesus Christ. we are lost without it. We go thirsty, never quenched. We fill ourselves with other things, ambitions, people, everything that creates this life and all we see. And they are not bad, they are from the Fountain. They are gifts and beautiful gifts. But like any gift that replaces the Giver, they run out. They need new batteries. They fall apart. They die. And ours is a Jealous Fountain. Ours is a Righteous Fountain. That never runs dry. That never misses a beat. That pours over us no matter how many raincoats we try to wear or umbrellas we place around us. And when we most need it, it rains down on us.

Come and rain.


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