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A wise person once said that you can learn all you need to know from a person’s top five lists. I agree with that more or less. So here goes one of mine… I’m sure you didn’t want to know this. if my friend count goes down, well, so be it.

Top Five Movies

5. Blazing Saddles

Mel Brooks at his best. it’s brilliance – makes me laugh every single time i watch it.

4. Dead Poets Society

I’m not a huge Robin Williams fan, being my namesake notwithstanding, but the story of this one just hits me on many levels. Makes me well up every time I see it and it’s so inspiring to me that I watch it on New Years Day every year – or at least as close to Jan 1 as I can.

3. Watchmen, the Ultimate Cut only

it has Black Freighter in appropriate spots. that’s right, Alan Moore, I said it. the movie was awesome but I still think your book was the best comic of all time… and maybe even the best story of all time. maybe. I cant exactly recommend this movie or book to just anyone so there’s that. But if you’re over 18, you have your wits about you and you are fairly interested in the time-space continuum and mass destruction… well here it is.

2. Amadeus

F. Murray Abraham deserved every award in existence for his Salieri. Whether or not the story is true is mostly irelevant. I empathize with the characters and think the story is so compelling it will last the test of time. Plus you just cant beat the music!

1. Empire Strikes Back

No one deserves an award for acting in this thing, but somehow it all worked out just fine. Especially because Lucas did NOT write or direct the thing.


2 thoughts on “top five

  1. True that on Watchmen. Everyone someone tells me they “didn’t get” that one, I really have to restrain the urge to hit them lightly with a sledgehammer.

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