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let justice roll down

I can think of few more polarizing personalities than Michael Jackson. Just the name alone brings about one of two very strong reactions from a person – from very opposite ends of the spectrum. One is outrage and loathing. He was a child molestor pervert with a screwed up face. The other is compassion and grief. If you know anything about his upbringing and the constant pressures of being a perfect performer, you would know that he was just a poor talented kid who had a horrific abusive father and was robbed of his innocence so no wonder he was a little off as an adult.

I’m one of those who is entirely in the middle. I see both sides. Having an amazing talent doesn’t excuse anything. And neither does your upbringing. At some point you are accountable for what you choose to do. But at the same rate and within the same paragraph, I say your upbringing affects EVERYTHING. What you are exposed to as a child has so much impact on who you become, and anyone who blatantly belittles or dismisses events in a person’s life as irrelevant or nonbearing, is sorely sorely mistaken.

a drawing by Michael Jackson

That said, I can guarantee you that a person who was molested as a child does NOT necessarily become a child molestor. And a child who is beaten regularly does NOT inevitably abuse others. We know this. So where along the line does a person’s own accountability come in?  Are some victims simply more resilient and have a strength of character that others don’t?

Simple is never a word to use in this kind of discussion. And I don’t have easy answers, no one can. I have always been fascinated with the development of the human mind and how we so easily cross in and out of sanity.  It’s frightening where we have been as a human race and where we continue to go.

And I believe it is a great Gift to us that it has never been a matter of what we deserve or earn. I cannot and will not say what someone else deserves or spend my time condemning another. It is about Grace and Mercy, wrapped in pure Love and Light of our Almighty God. And I choose to believe He is Good and Justice will prevail. And I can’t be more thankful that it is not up to me.

In the meantime, I praise talent and skill. I think you’d be hard pressed to name a talented person, writer, musician, artist, whoever, who wasn’t either totally messed up in the head, suicidal, on something, or otherwise flawed in one or one hundred ways. In other words, you can’t name a talented person who isn’t human. Just some are more human than others. Right, Snowball?


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