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why i love sci fi

(NOT syfy … just for the record)

At a young age I was into the slightly bizarre. My parents might try to lead you to believe that I was only into the bizarre when I was older, but it just isn’t true. My favorite show as a kid? The Magic Garden. Two hippie chicks and a guitar singing songs that they probably made up while high and they talked to a squirrel in a tree and a “chuckle patch” made of paper flowers.  And I’m just saying that fantasy and slightly ridiculous notions about magic and talking animals goes a long way with me. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6wWgFHBBi0)

That said, my tastes did get progressively more bizarre as an adult, but that really should go without saying.

A good science fiction story tells us something about ourselves, the human condition, the way we were and how we got to where we are and maybe how we might go somewhere in the future, for better or worse. Some of my favorite sci fi makes me think that mass suicide is a valid option because the world really is going to hell in a handbasket and maybe there is a portal somewhere that will lead us to a better place filled with talking squirrels.

My point though, is that scifi brings elements of what is really happening right now and leads it to sometimes logical conclusions. I’d like to share this…


So apparently police found this footage and has released it to the online masses and FOX 43 posted it on their page for the Facebook masses and now we all look at the photos and go, hey, that looks like So-and-so. Will this crime be solved faster because of technology? Sure.  Now ask the next question from conspiracy theorists every where… how do we know this is footage of someone who ACTUALLY robbed the store? And will this video be admissible in court? I watch Law and Order. I know the dealio. I saw that episode on Star Trek The Next Generation when someone switched video of someone else doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing and getting them banished from… ok, I don’t know what I’m talking about. But it could happen. In a galaxy far far away…



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