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a parable of the good williamsburger

I don’t know how often you’ve been stumbling drunk and bleeding down a street in Williamsburg at 12:45am, but let’s say this much – you didn’t fall out of the sky that way. There are events that led up to the incident that newspapers are reporting for Laura Flippin who has been the subject of many (I’m sure) well-intentioned citizens who felt the need to dump more humiliation on her by writing reprimanding articles of what may be contenders for Captain Obvious blog fodder.

I pray to God someone showed compassion to her, that someone asked her the right questions and that not everyone wrote her off that night. I pray to God it wasn’t my initial fear of rape, abuse, etc., which many a victim refuses to state at the time, let alone believe it even happened. I pray to God her (I’m sure) well-intentioned friends didn’t desert her when they first realized she was slurring her words or falling off her high heels too frequently and that whoever came in contact with her in whatever events led up to 12:45am weren’t just there long enough to wag their fingers in her face – or worse, walk on by in their priestly and levitical robes, scoffing and crossing the street.

I love this town, I do. But some days people make me want to cry. I hope she has a story that we are ready for at her hearing, and maybe I’m overreacting. But God knows I wish people would have overreacted when I needed help. Or maybe just acted at all…


3 thoughts on “a parable of the good williamsburger

  1. As a recovering alcoholic, here’s my take: normal drinkers don’t usually get a DIP (Drunk in Public), and when they are bleeding, they seek medical attention. However, it is not for me to judge. It’s possible she just miscalculated her intake and took a wrong step, and that’s all. It’s also possible she is one of us. This may not even be the first time. It’s unlikely that Norment will be able to do anything except mitigate her sentence, but that mitigation will require some evaluation. If she’s ready, there will be help available, including Lawyers Helping Lawyers.

    People with my problem are tiring, and I understand how frustrating it can be to deal with. The disease is cunning, baffling, and powerful. The program has given me a great deal of patience with other sufferers. Most people think it is a moral failing. They just don’t understand how pernicious it is. It’s also possible that she wasn’t even with anyone. I’ve been to bars alone and gotten that drunk all by myself. Some people also prefer to look the other way. They’re embarrassed for their friend and don’t want to draw attention to her condition. I’d like to see more people have a better understanding of alcoholism, but even then, it would only be so they know it’s an illness and to realize that treatment is needed. Ultimately, an alcoholic must decide to quit on their own, for themselves. Most never do.

    She’s in my prayers.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, Tedi!! I was hoping someone would share something about alcoholism from firsthand. It is soooo easy for people to sit back and judge others and think, it’s simple – just stop drinking. It makes me crazy to know there are so many people who really think they are in a position to cast judgment.

    And yes, I do know about drinking alone and have done it myself. Which further makes me sad to know that people around her just simply didn’t care or want to care. On the flip side of this, we still don’t really know her side of the story. Hopefully Norment will do the right thing by her and hopefully this will wake her up, if indeed, she does have a problem.

  3. People who judge harshly either don’t know it’s an illness that can’t be controlled if it isn’t recognized, or they see themselves in the situation. Either way, it’s from ignorance, and people don’t know what they don’t know.

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