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the glory of love

There was a time when, though I wouldn’t have admitted it publicly, Karate Kid II was my favorite movie.  This is for several reasons, not the least of which is the interracial romance between Daniel and Kumiko, a Japanese girl, which didn’t happen a *whole* heckuva lot in the 80s. Unless you count the movies about Vietnam and Korean wars and westerns where the asian chicks were all hookers. But I digress.

The beauty of the story was that it was all about embracing the past and learning from it, as well as being the better person and forgiving. It was also about loving someone for so long and so much that if it’s best for you to walk away, then you walk away. Deep stuff. for the 80s.

Let’s also note that I love this song, as corny and ridiculous as it may be. It is classic and one of very few outright love songs I will admit to knowing by heart.

But Peter Cetera should NEVER make a video again.  Oof this is bad.


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