excited – not excited

things I’m excited about coming up:

* seeing my San Diego brother today.

* All the great Advent music for church. So many great tunes of the season, some old, some new, some bright, some blue.  Breaking out some really old chants and even … (drumroll please, j. adam) …  A ROUND! I LOVE rounds! makes me think of campfires and s’mores! and I LOVE s’mores! can we pass out s’mores for church? ok, no.

* GRAND ILLUMINATION… highlight of my year, no pun intended. it’s such a bangin’ time… that pun was intended.

* Christmastown at Busch Gardens. Yea, it’s cheesy, But it’s good cheesy.

things I’m not excited about

* buying tickets to see a show … twice… on accident. woops.

* getting yelled at by a friend who thought I was spreading a rumor… as if i have the time to talk about anyone else but ME! pshaw!

* missing the annual turkey roll-ups with Sen

* getting rejected for the third time this year. by men. but only one of these applies to dating.

* ending this blog on a down note.

So I won’t…


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