thanks giving

THANKFUL for an amazingly supportive and fun family, great friends who make me laugh and know when to laugh at me (when the laugh sign lights up), a fantastic church family with leaders I deeply respect more than I have ever respected church leaders before, a great job with bosses I also respect and appreciate (yes I actually do and not just brownnosing) and a community filled with people who truly want to do the right thing, supporting each other, cheering each other on, and living in harmony as much as we can. It IS indeed a wonderful life! Much LOVE and GRACE to you all this day and every day! God’s blessings on your heads! xo

This is a great song put out by Sovereign Grace Church called “Jesus, Thank You.” The music is by them; the video is not. The video is someone’s clips from The Passion of the Christ – and it’s pretty rough viewing at times, bloody mess that it was. But I am still posting it because the violence and the pain is really graphic and a good reminder of what was suffered through to give us Life and Redemption. Something worthy of our thanks giving.


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