random robin

complaint department is closed

I know it’s too early, but I made a resolution. I have resolved to limit myself to ONE COMPLAINT a day. That’s it. Just one. This functions in several ways … hopefully…

1. It will make me realize how much I complain. Maybe. Every time I go to complain, I will think… wait, I already complained once today!

2. It will make me only complain about one BIG thing. Like I will think, ok, I’m not going to waste my complaint quota on this because it’s not that big a deal. I’ll wait for something bigger to complain about… and maybe I’ll realize nothing is *actually* worth complaining about.

3. It will make me sound like less of a self-righteous shmoo all the time. When I hear other people complain *constantly* I think, who gave you the right to comment on EVERYTHING? You ain’t on Wavy TV. Shut up already.

ok that was a complaint… I guess I’m done for the day.

4. It will make me more pleasant to be around. People *say* they don’t like complainers, but if you break down most conversations people actually have, I’d wager that something like 80% of all conversations is complaining or focusing on negative things. I’d like to rearrange that.

5. It will make you, my friends and readers, think about how much YOU complain… like… right now… think about it. And stop.

Join me in my crusade against negativity!

Thanks in advance. šŸ™‚

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