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my other shoe is a brick

I have long been one of those people who are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. No matter how good something is right at this moment, I’m just thinking about the possible doom lurking around every corner just eager to pounce on my head.

Being like this, though not exactly pessimistic – because it isn’t that I think all things will go badly, just that something will happen that is bad – has served me well in most cases. It forces me to consider worst case scenarios and factor in possible problems ahead of time. It has worked in my career and many of my choices in life, being able to think ahead and say what’s the worst possible thing that can happen and, more importantly, can I deal with that? If the outcome of that question is something I know won’t break me, then I forge ahead.

It also has helped me to keep balance in my emotional output – I believe firmly in balance in all things, keeping myself in check on many levels and in many areas of life.

But the negative side of my tendency to think something bad is going to happen next is that I don’t fully enjoy the moment sometimes. It’s missing the forest for the trees or not stopping to smell the roses or whatever expression you want to use that means dude, you’re totally missing it.

There are, though, moments when life is SO good, I have to recognize it. I have no choice but to be overwhelmed, overpowered, and just OVER and let the moment sink in.  Because you just don’t know when it will happen again and one really great moment can last a long time if you know how to embrace it.


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