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Intend This!

One of the very greatest things I love about Facebook is that it has reconnected me with so many people from all phases of my life and it allows me to keep in touch with people I love from all over.

That said, statuses messages betray the fact that people are mostly self-centered when it comes to interacting and people are always poking fun at others’ attempts at commentating on their lives as if their lives are worthy of a play-by-play.

For me, I feel like I have a really high capacity to engage with informational inputs. (That sounds a little crazier than I meant it to.) I can read through tons of statuses, look through photos, follow links and rabbit holes, break down information and make what I call data entries to later connect dots. Like, oh did you know so-and-so is doing blah blah blah and you should talk to her about <insert topic/ hobby/ event/ factoid here>. I’m good at that and I make a point of trying to fit everything together like a puzzle. I actually don’t love doing puzzles (adult ADD… squirrel!), but I love networking 🙂

So my challenge to you is two-fold this year… just work on these two things and I will personally guarantee you a more engaged and socially fulfilling life. Or your money back.

1. Limit your complaints to ONCE a day.

Everyone needs to let off some steam, no question about that. But if you read down your wall and all you see is a random string of everything that is wrong with the world and how messed up everyone else is and / or self-deprecating humor and pics of screwed up crap you found on Google… well, life has GOT to be better than that! Ask yourself why you find it necessary to spew your whining and instead of focusing on negative stuff, focus on the positive.

Enjoy your life.  Be happy you have kids at all because some of us don’t and would steal your kids in a heartbeat if it weren’t illegal – likewise your husband… um except the stealing part. Your job sucks? Be grateful you have one and haven’t resorted to selling your prized Bazooka gum wrapper collection (with joke inserts). You’re single and there are no good men in Williamsburg who aren’t old enough to buy you a beer? Suck it up. Do something else or get over yourself.  Sure men are flawed. So are women. Be glad you aren’t dating me.

So yea, I’m sure there’s *something* in your life that is rad. If not, come talk to me and I’ll figure something out for you or give you something to whine about. Don’t make me pull this car over.

2. Be intentional by actively AND meaningfully posting on OTHER’S posts – like at least TEN different friends’ posts – before posting your own status.

I mean this. You log onto FB, you immediately click LIKE LIKE LIKE on random chick-fil-a ads or whatever is the latest photo from someecards. Then what? Yea let me post what I had for lunch.

No it’s all good. This is a challenge to ME just as much as you. I know I post really random things that make me lol. And I’m not saying that you need to pay attention to ME and everything *I* post. In fact, I am pretty sure you’d be ok with hiding me altogether (admit it, you’ve considered it. haha)

But my point is that the beauty of a tool (yes i said tool) like FB is that it engages us with each other, builds community and hopefully makes meaningful connections. Get to know people – see what they’re up to and really try to encourage and support them. Figure out ways to be helpful or network them with people or services in their area that you think they might like.  I know people so much better now because of this than I probably would have in person. It’s hard to get to know people in a social setting in the matter of a few hours. People are guarded, or time is short, or we need to get back to work or …

oh yeah, work.

anyway, my point is simple. LOVE OTHERS AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. huh. sounds catchy. I should make a t-shirt. Would sell like hotcakes… like those “I’m with stupid” ones. Does that count as my complaint of the day? Sure. Why not. I’m done. Life is beautiful 🙂


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