Ellora Caves and Aurangabad

The Ellora Caves are an absolutely breathtaking sight to see. The ingenuity of mankind sometimes works out pretty well. We had an excellent guide who seemed to genuinely care about telling the stories with respect. He also looked like he just got off the boat… meaning a yacht. In the Hamptons. With his collared, neatly pressed button down shirt and sweater tied around his shoulders carefully. Nice set of glasses too. I kept trying to see what brand they were just out of curiousity.

Anyway, he was great and very knowledgeable. Two things I learned was that the Buddhist monks don’t live any one place for more than 3 months so they don’t get attached to it. Must also help them not accumulate shtuff. And the Kailasanatha, the main temple to Lord Shiva, meant to look like Mount Kailash where he allegedly lives, was carved from the top down. This is an incredible feat if you look at the detail and the forethought that went into it. I had an image of workers lying on the rocks with spoons.

There are elephants everywhere in the rocks and in the caves. Elephants have been my favorite animals for awhile now. They symbolize wisdom, patience, strength and prosperity. They are the gentle giants, peaceful and graceful. But they also can be quite dangerous and can throw down when in a bad mood. I often think of myself like an elephant. Well, I’m not that fat, but you know what I mean.

My one single greatest regret is that I didn’t take more pictures. Even though I took like 200. It still doesn’t do the place justice. And I really wish I had a better camera but I was afraid of bringing a great camera and then breaking or losing it because that’s how I roll.

Anyway, it was definitely a highlight of the trip and was one of those things that I will always think about. It’s one thing to see photos and go oh that’s cool. But to stand next to or IN one of the caves or the temples, is another experience. Plus I must be hanging out with engineers too much because some of this stuff is a true engineering miracle!!

The night before we visited the caves, John and I ventured out to find food. There was a great restaurant not too far from the hotel and the food was so yummy. The mix of Indian with Chinese is an interesting one that I never really thought about before, but sure, I guess it makes sense. I love when cultures blend and stuff 🙂

Then we explored the main strip of stores that all seemed to carry the most random things ever. They aren’t stores you walk into. You go to the counter and tell them what you want. Probably to prevent theft – I’m speculating on that. We also snuck into a huge hotel and checked out their bathrooms. The women’s room was really swanky with one of those walls of water in it. It looked like everything was closed so we didn’t sit in the bar and we had to get back to the hotel to deliver some goods to a friend… that sounds all surreptitious and stuff.

Oh another thing I will point out is that in all the paintings and sculptures it seems that the female figures were crazy curvy with big ole boobs and very round hips with tiny little waists. Barbie’s got nothing on Parvati. As evidenced partly by the crazy print hanging on the walls of the hotel rooms. I was kinda disturbed by the depictions but decided not to mention it to my travelling companions. I really try to not point out the obvious. haha.

for photos…not just of curvy women…  CLICK HERE


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