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from Jamkhed to Aurangabad

The public transportation system in India is not a whole lot different from one you’d find in say Queens, New York. The maps are confusing; the timetables are virtually useless. And if you want to actually get a seat, you have to push and squeeze your way into the doors like cattle through a barn door. except a lot smaller and only slightly less smelly.

But all in all, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. No one died on the bus and we didn’t get into any accidents. There was no point on the entire trip I felt unsafe or stared at for longer than ten seconds at a time. That may have been because this part of my trip I was with a white chick with beautiful skin and green eyes. (haha Maggie, sorry – thanks for taking the bulk of the staring. but seriously, I hope you weren’t too uncomfortable!!)

It was also super helpful to travel with someone who you just kinda follow without thinking or questioning. JP had been on this particular journey before so there was nothing too new going on. The one thing I will say is make sure you always have a ton of cash on you. Cuz that could get crazy if you don’t have enough and they dump you in the middle of the road or something.

Oh also, pack light. I had a big but manageable duffel bag – I call it the old bag lady bag. It’s got this old school floral print on it that makes me think of my grandma. So yea, it would have been better with just one backpack, but I had been worried that I wouldnt have enough room for everything – which I probably wouldn’t have so there’s that.

Anyway, we got to Ahmednagar and went to a restaurant to eat. It was nice to sit outside and relax even though the traffic and noise made me think, again, of Queens. The food was quite good and the Sprite was the first carbonated drink I had all week. As someone who drinks at least one soda a day normally, this was a good thing. I also got schooled on how to squeeze a lemon in a bowl of water. This was to clean the hand that you use to eat. I use both hands and i use utensils. I thought about cleaning my fork off but I have the feeling that would have looked weird.

We got back on a bus and went the rest of the way to Aurangabad and then to the hotel. JP did a great job on getting a hotel with a splendid patio. If I ever get around to building that house, it will have a patio like that one.  The rooms were nice enough except for the crazy pictures on the walls of very curvy women in all levels of clothed. And the staff seemed helpful. I actually wished I could have stayed there longer to explore more – maybe some day.


One thought on “from Jamkhed to Aurangabad

  1. Dear Robin
    this is such an interesting narration of your experience in a public transport bus. I am Vinita Deshmukh, senior journalist of 23 years vintage. I am soon launching an English daily in Pune sometime in March and I would like to use this piece. Pl could you give me permission? My email id is and my cell no is 98230 36663. I shall give creditline to your blog. Awaiting eagerly
    cheers and warm rgds vinita

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