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Lufthansa in German means…

Love Connection.

So my flight from Frankfurt to Pune was nice. I walked into the gate area after scouring the airport for a couple hours looking for some kind of gift shop with German shtuff. No dice. or is that nein dice? They had lots of silly french shtuff. Anyway, entering the gate area, I looked around for a seat and instead spotted a ridiculously handsome dude. He was like everything a fine specimen of Germanity should be. Tall, broad shouldered, dirty blond hair, I thought blue eyes (from a distance) and he was speaking English to a nice little old couple next to him. How sweet. I without hesitation thought, “Please dear God, let him sit next to me.” And then I smiled and realized I was smiling for no apparent reason and immediately frowned per usual travelling demeanor.

And goofy as it sounds, I board the plane, after a slight delay because my ticket wasn’t reading and I had to wait on a line so they could manually enter it or whatever, and I am looking at the row numbers and low and behold… the Aryan superman was seated next to me. There is a God and He might be teasing me.

So we had a nice conversation. Josef something or other, dude I’m so bad with names, works for Volkswagen, of course, and goes to India for 4 days a week and is back in Frankfurt the other 3 days. Whoa that is rough, but he loves it as a single man and gets to rack up the frequent flier miles (you mean kilometers right) and travel all over when he wants to. Maybe he’ll go to Virginia, and hey did he mention he was single less than 5 times?

At some point in the conversation I said I was tired. You can only talk to a hot guy for so long without getting worn out. He said he wanted to watch a movie and have I seen Ra One, no I haven’t, well it’s funny. And Robin out.

Rule number 2 or maybe 3 of engagement… if he doesn’t ask you about yourself, he doesn’t care. I realized when I woke up he never asked me what I was doing in India and so I never offered the information. Toward the end of the flight he did ask if I was staying in Pune or travelling on and I said I was meeting a friend at the airport to travel to Jamkhed. As we were getting off the plane, he said nice to meet you and have a nice stay. I couldn’t help but feel like I blew it – I mean God throwing me a bone and all. But then again, I looked in a mirror later and saw that my face was a mess – my eyeliner was all over everywhere but my eyes and my nose was bright red from my cold. Just as well. German is so harsh. Ach du lieber.

But that did put my trip off to a nice enough start 🙂 and I wasn’t nearly as grouchy as I might have been upon arriving at Pune.


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