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ten easy steps for a Christian to be pro-choice

Step 1.

Admit that people make huge gigantic mistakes that will affect the rest of their lives and leave them devastated and unable to function on a daily, if not hourly, basis for weeks and months on end.

Step 2.

Realize that the Bible, the ultimate book of real life stories with purpose, is full of totally screwed up people – dare I say effed up people – who did horrific outrageous things that makes Hitler look like nothing more than a near sighted egomaniac.

Step 3.

Begin to understand that five hundred things happened to get a person to a place where she even needs to make a choice about having a baby or not and that no two paths to this place are the same.

Step 4.

Try to grasp the emotional state in which you may never feel more alone and afraid and worthless and selfish in your life than the moment you decide to have an abortion, and that the fear of not having an abortion is that much more painful and overwhelming.

Step 5.

Put yourself for a few minutes into the shoes of a woman who cannot bear to look at children without bursting into tears of regret and sorrow mixed with anger and resentment.

Step 6.

Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – except that you spent most of your life in ignorance or in denial because the culture you live in shames you into not thinking about sex until marriage, even though you think about it all the time but are too embarassed or feel too guilty to take preventative measures. Or worse you never even knew how to in the first place.

Step 7.

Believe in your heart of hearts that everything happens for a reason and that forcing everyone else to live by your rules limits the diversity of experience that truly creates beauty and showcases Grace in a way that you would never see without the diversity of backgrounds.

Step 8.

View the horrific statistics that point out the desperate measures expecting mothers take when not given any options or hope for the future. This includes the likelihood of suicide and self destructive spiralling.

Step 9.

Acknowledge trends in illegal activities and how the legalization of said activities allows for better regulation and controlled environments which can better offer support and education and guidance. Also admit that just because you make something illegal doesn’t mean it will stop.

Step 10.

Volunteer in a pregnancy clinic and really listen to the stories and the hearts of women who feel they have no choices. Just try to counsel them with no options and then YOU be responsible for whatever happens from there. In a court of law. YOU take the kid home and YOU pay all the bills and YOU make sure that mom lives a better life for it. Because that’s the only way you will ever know what it is really like…

Don’t misunderstand me here. I’m not pro-abortion. I wouldn’t want anyone to ever get an abortion and if I had my way, I would have ZERO women have one ever again. It is not the ideal and it is a sad and painful experience that WILL haunt a woman for the rest of her life.

But what I DO want is for people who think they have a better solution to come forward and take care of these women. I want them to put down their picket signs, complete with gruesome photos of dead babies, and instead hold the pregnant woman in their arms and say I’ll take care of you.

Or better yet, try being involved in that woman’s life roughly 1 to 9 months ago and ask her to make better choices then – because that’s when the choice begins – and then give her access to the resources and methods she needs to make a good choice in the first place instead of clouding her with all or nothing rhetoric.

Then remember all the people currently living who you should be caring for and ask yourself what life you have saved today. I don’t see the picketing of veterans hospitals or homeless shelters trying to save their lives from devastating choices.

I just want people to wake up and realize abortion is not the issue. It’s not. It Is Not. It started a long time before she ever stepped into a Planned Parenthood. And we need to start at the very beginning. Always a good place to start, not the end. So get on that – or shut up. I mean it.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. – Jeremiah 29:11 ESV


3 thoughts on “ten easy steps for a Christian to be pro-choice

  1. Campaign season always brings out the fun topics, doesn’t it?

    Whereas I’m in a bit of a grey area where I stand on the issue – I’d rather there be no abortions, but I understand the possibility of exceptions – I think total legality can be somewhat frightening. You’ve painted a picture where all women who do abortions are remorseful, and that’s far from the truth. Some see it as a matter of fact, like a condom. In Georgia (the country), I’ve met a woman whose done 37 abortions. Moral implications aside, that certainly can’t be healthy!

  2. I’d bet my entire salary she was remorseful once. whether or not she is on the pill is another question and getting the issue of where she STARTS from, ie, getting pregnant in the first place, is what I’m feebly trying to get at in a number of spots in my blog. I don’t understand why we ignore the issue at the root cause of getting pregnant… and if i have to spell that out for anyone, well, i mean SEX.

    that said, I don’t know Georgian politics on this. I can only talk about America and the downward spiral we are in right now. I can see the pendulum swinging and I am fearful that we are closer to removing abortion than I am comfortable with and thus the blog. normally i wouldnt say anything because I know it’s such a hot button and most people I know will freak out and not be able to comprehend my stance on the matter. like it makes me less of a spiritual person or something. but tis an election year… le sigh…

  3. I agree with you more than I disagree. If only the heart matters were addressed on so many of the right-wing agenda items rather than trying to legislate a way through…. I think that’s a whole other blog post!

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