movie review: Avenue Montaigne

It has a french title… can’t remember it. Anyway, if I had to sum up the movie I’d say it is about making decisions based on your head or your heart. And sometimes, you can do both.

The story revolves around a little cafe where all the characters come to eat and the waitress who gets a job there. She interacts with each story line and in true ensemble cast format, she acts as a kind of foil to everyone’s story. They are having problems and she is an innocent random bystander they can talk to. It works well enough in this film because she is ridiculously cute and charming.

So life is hard right. There are these difficult situations the characters are facing, trying to make sense of their lives and their choices and carrying on. A touch cliche here and there, but it’s a romantic comedy so you expect it to be. And at least it was laugh out loud funny in parts. Cute situations and nice dialogues. And everyone is just trying to get their share of life, love and the pursuit of happiness which is really quite French.

The movie did make me want to go back to Paris. I have only been there for a couple days – Eiffel Tower, Musee d’Orsay (which rocked!!), Notre Dame (but didn’t get to go up the tower because of the wind that day), a walk through Greek town for awesome gyros, and a small but charming little hotel. It’s a lovely city and it does make one want to fall in love.

this little sculpture by Constantin Brancusi was featured in the film. it is adorable.


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