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random top five lists

someone asked me what I’m reading lately and it turned into this blog… haha sorry

five books i’m reading
1. Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard (not a huge O’Reilly fan, but this book came highly recommended by another not-huge-O’Reilly fan)
2. Art and the Bible by Francis Schaeffer (it’s a wee book, but it takes me forever to finish anything)
3. Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian by John Piper
4. Metamaus by Art Spiegelman
5. A clash of Kings by George RR Martin (this series is going to take FORRRRREEEEVVVEEERRR for me to finish!!!)

last five movies you saw
1. Avenue Montaigne (delightful french film, i highly recommend it!)
2. Angels and Demons (I still haven’t seen the whole thing from start to finish in one sitting. i am ridiculous!)
3. The A Team (everyone shut up! Liam’s talking)
4. Piano in a factory (delightful chinese film which I also recommend. though it won’t be to everyone’s liking because it’s very non american. meaning little to no “point” and has no real ending.)
5. Sherlock Holmes 2 (I think that was the last one in the theatre recently?? it was good. i like Guy Ritchie’s style)

five albums you bought
1. Foster the People – Torches (yea i got sucked in to Pumped up kicks… like you didnt)
2. Justin Bieber – Under the mistletoe (ok ok i did this. it was for that one song. so Adam could learn it. no really!)
3. Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Bangarang
4. Ryan Adams – Ashes & Fire
5. Nina Simone – Sings the Blues

last five places you went
1. India!!!
2. Louisville, KY
3. NYC (for a few hours)
4. uummmm Yorktown?
5. uuummmm Yorktown pub?

last five great things that have happened
1. India!!!
2. goofing off with Adam Frey singing corny hymns that are soooo corny they’re awesome (corniness is a circular measurement.)
3. singing with Wayne Hill
4. an amusing email exchange with a random dude across the pond who I get to watch every Sunday (no i’m not explaining that)
5. taking over the world


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