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a closer look at Avenue Montaigne

So Avenue Montaigne, I’ve been thinking about for a few days now, trying to decide what it was that resonated with me. For one thing the movie is about crossroads and the realization that life is just not the same any more and that with change comes a kind of resolve, a forward thrust of the spirit to claim and conquer whatever mystery lies ahead. It’s about giving up the past as much as you can, though you will always take some of it with you.

The main story lines are all about giving up something. One character gives up an entire life’s collection of valuable art work brought together over many many years and avid interest in collecting through an auction house. Another character chooses to retire and give up her life as a theatre manager. And the third gives up his career as a world renowned concert pianist because he wants a simpler life and to play for orphans and the elderly. (He’s my personal favorite character… surprise surprise.)

And then there’s the son of the art collector who gives up a marriage and a mistress. And a waitress who gives up a small town life to have an adventure and brings all these stories together.

All the stories resonated with me for different reasons. I’ve been laid off from a job twice, once very abruptly and had to rethink my career a few times. I’ve had really rocky relationships that I either decided to walk out on or it was decided for me. I’ve also up and moved clear across the continent twice now to start over from scratch and do whatever came across my plate until the next thing came across my plate.

I’m not really one to mope around and I hate complaining as a general rule. I just dive in to the deep end, head first and then look for rocks. Not always the best method and I have a few scars on my head for sure. But I have to say I’ve managed ok so far.

But at the end of the day when my brain finally starts to shut down, I can’t help but think I’m missing something somewhere. I’ve had lots of great adventures. I definitely can’t go down the Regret Trail for long because I just don’t regret much. Everything that’s happened, good and bad, has taught me something and made me a stronger person, more dedicated, more knowledgeable and experienced, and, hopefully, more compassionate to others in all walks of life.

But there’s more, so much more to life. And I think about what I have to give up to be truly fulfilled. I think it’s a daily thing, much like the 40 days of Lent, giving up what you think means the most to you and realizing that everything can and will change. The things that once gave you great joy don’t hold much of anything any more. People you depend on walk away from you or have to move on for whatever reasons.

I’m still thinking about what I need to give up and let go…  other than men who are too young for me…


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