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i might be excited … VERBOLTEN!!!!

(to the tune of “I got a golden ticket” in case you are confused)

I never thought I’d love a ride more than Big Bad Wolf or Alpengeist
But suddenly I begin to see the Black Forest in front of me
Cause I’ve got a Verbolten ticket
I’ve got a Verbolten twinkle in my eye

I never had the Alps to climb never a happy polka to sing,
But suddenly a hard hat tour is mine what an amazing thing
Cause I’ve got a Verbolten ticket.
I’ve got a Verbolten sun up in the sky.

I never thought I’d see the day when I would face Busch Gardens and say,
“Guten morgen! Das ist Verbolten.”
I never thought that I would be lost in the forest in Germany
Cause I have said it couldn’t be done
But it can be done!

I never dreamed that I would fall over the Rhine in ecstasy,
But nevertheless it’s there that I’m shortly about to be
Cause I’ve got a Verbolten ticket
I’ve got a Verbolten chance to make my way
And with the Verbolten ticket it’s a Verbolten day!!!

(To the tune of what’s going through my head at the moment… )

Something’s making me smile & it starts with a V…
it might be VERBOLTEN!

I’ll be there awhile & you can follow me …
on the Hard Hat Tour VERBOLTEN!

You can follow along & we’ll tweet what we see…
on the hard hat tour VERBOLTEN!

I’ll be singing a song & sing it merrily…
with the engineers at VERBOLTEN!


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