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the gifts of God for the people of God

Like biting the inside of your mouth and then biting the exact same spot over and over no matter how hard you try to avoid it, we all have those areas of our lives that keep coming back to haunt us. We avoid it or carefully tread lightly, mindful of the pending doom, not to mention pain, that awaits. But try as we might, whoomp there it is. And when you keep disturbing it, it’s nigh impossible to heal.

This kind of feels like my love life. Even when I’m skipping along merrily (maybe I’m supposed to be rowing) something will happen to flatten me onto the ground and remind me how single I am and how painful it can be. Maybe it’s the well intentioned friend who tries to set me up with someone who makes me feel only slightly less awkward than I do when talking to BRAD PITT (not that I’ve talked to BP, but I would imagine I’d feel awkward). Or maybe it’s when a sweet old man asks me what my problem is (those were his exact words) as he teases me about being picky. Listen here, old man,… oh never mind.

That said, I am a strong believer in doing the things you love and are made for and that will get you to meet people. The irony of my life is that I meet men who are awesome all the time but not right for me. I know I’m super picky and I want to be and no one is going to talk me out of that. I want someone incredible who totally blows me away and I don’t think we’re supposed to settle or make excuses for someone. He should be amazing and nothing less 🙂

Then again, I am ok with being single til the day I die and I know most  of you singles reading this are totally not. So yeah, you’ll find someone eventually and you will more or less live happily ever after because that’s what people do. You work it out.

But God is faithful. We either believe that or we don’t. We believe that God gives us gifts and not snakes.

Or do we? This is my struggle, at times. I want fish and I feel like God is saying, well, just hold on. But then He lets 500 snakes pass me and for what purpose exactly? Cuz snakes are cool and all, but they kiiiinda freak me out.

And so I wait. Up on a chair. with a shotgun. I wait. and stay alert. Or maybe we all need to figure out how to make snakeskin boots…



One thought on “the gifts of God for the people of God

  1. I really like that phrasing, “The gifts of God for the people of God.” We didn’t use it in my church growing up but when I started attending some Lutheran and Episcopal churches I ran into it. Sticks in the brain. Oh. yeah. And singleness and snakes and fish and all, too.

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