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pearls, swine, dogs, and hot men

what do they have in common? ok not much.

I was watching the Sunday school video in church the other day where this hot Brit was talking about how all our earthly efforts and titles and accomplishments amount to rubbish, while he walked casually through a junkyard. There was a scene with a dog scavenging through a garbage bag and eating what looked like old napkins. The dogs determination made me think about how many of us are often like stray dogs and pillage through life taking what we want and discarding anything/one that looks useless and inedible.

The verse about casting pearls before swine came to mind, and then the story of the Lost Son who sits with pigs and envies them for their food and carefree existence. How often do we chase after things we think we are desperate for, only to find ourselves sitting somewhere completely depressing and wishing we were at least just back where we started?

I remember attending one of one too many dating/marriage seminars for singles where they used the expression “pearls before swine” in reference to dating. It made me balk. Wait, what? Are you saying that some men are pigs? Or that some men aren’t worth the effort just because they aren’t The One for you? I obsessed over this for the rest of the talk, which is probably why I am single to this day because I’m sure the speaker went on to say something incredibly useful.

But I do, to this day, feel that every man I have ever dated, however briefly, or “pointlessly” as some may try to say, has taught me something about myself, life, men, dating, whatever and I wouldn’t trade that for all the pearls in the ocean. And so I will continue to get to know anyone who takes the time to get to know me, whoever is walking down the same path at the same time, whoever seems like they have their act together, more or less, and anyone who thinks I’m awesome.

That said, I worry at times that I am chasing after wind with my life’s pursuits. I have a lot of goals. I want to do a lot of things. I am always spinning my wheels and sometimes I let go of the brake and see what happens. This gets me into trouble, but more often than not, it gets me to a place I either wanted to go or never dreamed of going.

And we’re back to the junkyard dog. Sure, he gets fed by the napkin which has a limited amount of nutrients to keep him alive. But he’s really looking for that half-eaten steak or chicken bones, and he is just SO sure that if he keeps hunting and following his nose, he’ll find some good eatin’s. And sometimes, that’s how I feel. I am sorting through the trash, looking for the pearls, waiting, hoping, crying, wishing… tinkering on the piano… crooning… howlin’ at the moon… in a minor key of course…


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