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giving up your fridays

I was talking to a friend of mine about how for a long time in our society, ever since dating was acceptable and poodle skirts were actually inconvenient as all get-out but still worn, Fridays were “Date Night” (cue horror music… dun dun dun!) …

[Editor’s note: we here at have NO earthly idea how to punctuate that sentence with parenthetical phrasing… so we incorrectly use ellipsises at will. Much like most of twitter… and high schoolers everywhere…]

It was just common. Fridays from every major city and small towns with a street called “Main” hosted couples in varied levels of relational statuseses trying stuff out as a cohesive unit to see if they enjoyed the cohesion or if they would rather be cohered to a raging bull during a tauromaquia. (Look it up. I did.)

To this day, Friday is still Date Night (dun dun dun) and if you are single and looking, you generally are always holding a big ole blank spot in the Google calendar just in case Mr. Wonderful asks you to do something or other. Of course The Rules told us never to accept after Tuesday night for a Friday, and DEFINITELY never ON the Friday in question.

Thing is most of us have choices of a dozen things we COULD be doing other than date on any given Friday. We who have been single long enough know how to entertain ourselves really really really well and have discovered that we have just as much fun with our friends out on the town, and sometimes way way way more fun than your average date.

But then you start to realize all your dates have gotten shifted. You start doing things on Monday or Wednesday happy hour, or even a quick dinner on Sunday, because simply and truthfully, you just don’t want to waste prime time.

And this may very well be why you’re single. I’m not saying it is, and I’m not saying it ain’t. But somewhere along the line we single girls stopped committing too.

It’s always been the joke for generations that it’s just the men who can’t commit. But that’s urban legend, like driving without headlights and getting killed by the “Lights out gang” or the Bloody Mary thing you do at midnight which I won’t even think about because it totally freaks me out.

Darnit, I just thought about it.

Point is that we womenfolk have just as many hangups about commitment as menfolk – we just look prettier while doing it. I recently got asked to dinner by a perfectly eligible receiver… er bachelor… and had to check my calendar. After figuring out when and where, I realized the message was like, ok, you seem like someone I might want to spend time with, but there are at least 20 things that I’d rather do.

To be fair, if we’re talking about tickets purchased, or plans made with others, or obligations you just can’t change, then yea, he has to understand that. But just because we’re told that we’ll look lonely and desperate and needy if we readily accept a date for whenever he says first, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give up prime time space just to see how the ratings go. Besides when the ratings go up, the advertising makes more money for you.

Not that money is important. at. all.

So the next time a person of interest asks me for a Friday spot, I may reply, “I’m sorry, I have to go chase Bloody Mary out of my bathroom.”

… or just “Yes.”


2 thoughts on “giving up your fridays

  1. I’m currently negotiating an ongoing date with a woman-friend for Friday nights, to spar. Or should I have used ellipses for dramatic build-up purposes? So yes, we all know why g’s single…

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