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top five highlights of st pattys 2012

5. Riding Loch Ness on Saint Patty’s – ok, so it’s Scottish. Still fun.

4. Green teeth, green cider

3. Clapping to the Wild Rover and Whiskey in the Jar with So’lach!

2. Car jumping deer

So there are a lot of deer running around the woods of williamsburg, no question. But what I have not seen ever before was while sitting in a car waiting to get into the parking lot at Busch Gardens… a deer ran out of nowhere and JUMPED over a car. CLEARED it at the highest point of the roof… while moving, albeit slowly, but still. it happened so fast and was so crazy, the driver and passenger were like, wait? what just happened? We had to explain it to them. It was epic.

1. Singing with Poisoned Dwarf!!

Even though it was terribly nerve-wracking and I totally messed up the words to both songs, it was still such a great thrill to get to sing with the Dwarves. They have been one of my favorite bands to see live since moving to Williamsburg and Wayne Hill is my favorite musician of all time. So it’s always a pleasure to share the stage with him and have him compliment me, even if he is just being nice, I’ll take it! (Thanks Wayne, Lance, Thomas, Stewart, and Eric!)

I always feel like one of these years, Saint Patty’s day is going to let me down… wasn’t this year 🙂


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