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“you’re here – there’s nothing but beer”

We collectively shake our heads at you, James Cameron. Bah humbug!

One of the many spoofs going around the innernets is the tagline, “Titanic 3D – maybe this time they’ll see the iceberg!” It made me laugh, and then wince. Loudly.

Sometimes these things just hit you funny. And then sink your battleship. I think of all the people who were trapped in 3rd class and were just left to die. I think about the musicians who were reportedly playing to the bitter end to help calm people. I think about the historical accuracy of the captain who went down with his ship, knowing it was his pride that made them try to get there faster only to doom them to their destruction.

And it all made me think of my love life.

Sometimes I totally see the icebergs ahead. And Jimmy cracking corn. And guess what I don’t do?! But I do fill the engines with coal, and more coal. Faster faster into that good night. And where does it get me? Hanging on to a poor boy’s hand in the freezing water making promises I can’t really keep and watching him die. Well, sometimes he lives. Just not in this movie.

My last great love is too young. The one before that was too married. The one before him was too rich. And the one toward the beginning is too dead. So I wait patiently on the floating piece of debris and I try to hum and miraculously keep all my limbs and my bright blue eyes, knowing I am meant to live for more.

Will I see Titanic 3-D? Not even if Celine Dion herself invited me and threatened to eat me alive over a bowl of sticky rice. Cuz she could use some food. But my point is that in the midst of tragedy, there is always a flicker of hope. And if nothing else, a cautionary tale. Much like me. And maybe Bill Paxton’s career.

and this… hahahaha!


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