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intellectual property, ownership, and how the internet sucks

If you have spent any time on the internet at all, (which I’m guessing you have if you are currently reading my blog because let’s face it, I don’t even read my blog) you have stumbled upon© (no intellectual property right infringment intended) something you find cute, amusing, offensive, enlightening, wrong, and/or all the above which you then either download, proliferate, pervert or otherwise interact with and release into the cyberzone.

Here’s an example:

I love this photo. Someone LIKED© it on Facebook©, I saw it in my news feed©, also LIKED© it, and commented© on it and then reposted© it so friends can also LIKE© it.

Then I downloaded it and made 1,000 prints to sell at the next arts and crafts show.

Ok, no I didn’t do that last thing©.

My point of course is that people do this and eventually, no one has any idea (1) who took the photo, (2) where it came from, (3) who the kid is, or the bears for that matter, and/or (4) who cares. Thus, we strip all things of ownership and rights.

This is the millenia of new folk. It used to be like folk music. Someone “wrote” a song by plucking a few chords and singing whatever popped into his/her© head. Someone else heard it and sang it a few weeks later and hop skip jump across the river and sang a whole bunch of different words. Multiply that by a gazillion and we have a song written by Unknown and Anonymous and do dah do dah.

But before anyone sues me, I asked around and got this link, so since it’s under shared licensing, the pic is free. so have at it. Or Paypal© me $199.99© and I’ll send you a poster©.



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