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Finish this sentence: If it weren’t for Facebook, I would _______________

I posted this on my FB page to see what friends would answer. Of course the usual theme centers around being more “productive” and getting stuff “done.”

This fascinates me. It’s like the idea that when you have a TV, you have to watch it and when you can’t find anything to watch you just continue to surf through hoping to GOD that there is something on that will catch your fancy. Well, maybe God is saying, TURN OFF THE TV!

Another friend said something about realizing just how bad he is at keeping touch. It’s true. Before Facebook, there was no one place where you log in and are confronted with the seemingly endless list of names of people you probably owe a phone call to… but let’s be honest, who CALLS any more? And for those of you who DO call, you probably wouldn’t actually think to call half the people, or more, on your friends’ list in the first place.

I hate phones. I hate phone calls. They make me itchy and my earholes start to hurt. I would rather type and read, but then again, I would say, in all due humility of course, that I have a fairly high capacity when it comes to reading and processing information. I can scan over pages of FB posts and absorb information I need to know, cataloguing it all in my brain for later retrieval. I have hundreds of people who consistently tell me that they learned about something or other from me and I feel like they would have heard about it elsewhere if they had just absorbed the information.

It’s kind of like ads in a newspaper. Things catch your eye for random reasons, but by and large most of the ads go completely unnoticed. I have a (morbid?) interest in seeing what EVERYONE is up to – and I don’t mean just people, thought them too, but businesses. I like to see what sales are going on, what fundraisers are happening and how biz owners and nonprofits work together, or schools or churches, etc. Because behind every ad there are people and I like cataloguing away the idea that so-and-so knows that person and this person and it’s helpful to make connections like that in a town like this.

That said, you can sit in front of a computer for hours at a time and do pretty much nothing. But what about sitting in your living room with friends, a pizza and a few beers – what are you doing then? or what are you doing when you read a book? these things tend to have emotional values placed on it and somewhere very far down on the scale is interacting with people on FB. I wish I could tell you about the kinds of “chats” I’ve had online – the kind that actual change a person’s life. I won’t though. I also won’t tell you about the resources I’ve found and been able to pass on to others through the miracle of the internet. But I’m not trying to make excuses for spending countless hours on FB. No, really, I’m not haha 😉 I’m just saying that when people say things like “Robin knows everybody” or “ask Robin about…” it comes with a price. And that just happens to be me becoming a total geek. and I’ll pay that.

Also, I’m watching Bugs Bunny while typing this… and chatting with a friend from Denver… and replying to texts from a man I am in love with… and trying to finish a bottle errr a glass of wine. But not while cooking. because i cant cook. requires me to do too many things at once…


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