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the continuing case for Facebook…

The nature of something like Facebook is intrinsically voyeuristic and exhibitionist..ic…? That much is undeniable. You have to like people knowing what you are doing (i.e. you post what you’re doing) or you have to like knowing what everyone else is doing (i.e. you read what everyone else is doing).

I smirk when people write things like “thank you for doing xyz for me” or “happy birthday” or “this made me think of you.” FB has taken the place of thank you cards, birthday cards, and blank note cards. And even if I thanked you, happy birthdayed you or thought of you in person to your face, I probably will still do it on FB because I want all of our mutual friends to know that I thanked you, birthdayed you or thought of you. It’s kinda like those booster ads you did back in high school where you put a couple lines in there to your boyfriend and/ or best friends and/or family and/or random people in the yearbook for the world to see – under 20 words or less.

I remember getting something in my mailbox (that is the box that may or may not sit outside the door to your place of residence for those who may not know what that is for. and it is not to put your spare keys in. I checked.) It was from my grandmother (who has since passed so this was awhile ago or that would be wacky) She had sent me an article that was ever so carefully clipped out of a newspaper and folded perfectly on the seams to fit in a lovely little envelope. It took effort to send this. And like $0.25 at the time.

These days, you just click on something and you’re done. Not saying this is a bad thing, but most of us can’t process information at the rate in which you need to in order to absorb said information. For the most part we click on funny things or sweet cutesy things and call it a day.

But if you are like me and process information on a near cyber-frantic level, you have learned so very many things and have made so very many connections between people and their interests that your brain may very well look something like *this

*actual representation of Robin Jester’s brain… as depicted with a Lite-Brite™

So that said, Facebook is useful for socialization purposes and anyone who says otherwise is just bitter. Or needs to play with a Lite-Brite™ more. And it’s a tool (you’re a tool) to rally the troops, bring awareness to issues, events, news, etc., as well as post endless photos of Adam Frey and his many hair styles.

But on the flip side of this, I see the point that some are trying to make about internet interaction taking the place of in person interaction. We are in the middle of a room with friends and are checking Facebook to see what the people not in the room are doing. Or maybe the people in the room are posting something about what you’re wearing. Or the fact that they just asked you something and you didn’t hear them because you were answering the “101 foods you shouldn’t eat but did anyway” quiz.

I didn’t take the quiz but I’m sure I would score high. Still can’t quite eat pig feet though… egad!


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