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Stories to regret

I don’t believe in regret as a general rule, but if I did and I was to think long and hard about what I actually regret it would boil down to 2 things ever in my whole life. One I sorta had control over and the other I had no control whatsoever over.

The first is that I didn’t record the stories of my extended family members. Mostly my moms side because they would get together and tell some fantastic stories about growing up in Brooklyn and my grandma even remembered coming to the US from England as a little girl. She would talk about hearing bomb sirens in England and hide under her desk at school. It was crazy and sad. Her siblings, the ones I remember best, would tell stories of americana like everything in an apple pie and then some. And then the next generation, my parents generation, would sit and smoke Nd drink beer (not my parents, mind you) and talk about the old days. Like movie worthy material. And silly me never wrote them down. I thought in high school once about recording it but just always thought “another time” which of course never came and now so many are gone.

My second greatest regret is not going to my high school prom. First I wasn’t asked though there was a rumor that someone was going to ask me because he didn’t have a girlfriend and I seemed like I wouldn’t bite his head off. But my parents wouldn’t allow it. And besides, I think we ended up out of town that weekend. I always wondered what it would have been like. Although the girls I would have gone with all had drama that weekend that I can always do without… One couple broke up, another got in a big fight, and other random high school occurrences.

Regret though is only as good as motivation to do better. I think prom is out of the question for me, but maybe I should start recording people’s stories. And some of my own.


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