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online shmonline

I was reading this blog about online “relationships” and it made me think of a few things.

First of all, what IS a locker gnome?

But somewhat less importantly, I have thought about the people I would probably refer to as “friends” in casual conversation but really don’t know for sure. Some years ago now, I had been introduced to the exciting and sometimes free world of fantasy football. At the time, my boyfriend was really really into it and had been posting in a football message board online. Now not all that long ago in the history of the internet, this was considered really nerdy. And I mean like this morning it was considered really nerdy. So right away you’re starting off with this preconceived notion that total geeks do anything online that requires any amount of time and actual interaction with people.

Years ago now, my parents would ask me, what do you do on the internet all day? well, it was a little different then but not by much. We didn’t have Google for awhile or Myspace or Facebook. There had been a handful of cool websites like the one that lets you play frogger. Mostly internet life was chat based like ICQ or AIM.

Fast forward and now you can easily waste an entire 24 hour period online chasing link after link with all kinds of nonsense, mostly learning nothing but feeling like you have a lot to talk about at the water cooler. And by water cooler I mean, online message board.

There would be some psychoanalysts who would claim online relationships are like glorified pen pals (remember those?) and you will only have a sense of actual connection and mutual admiration (society) if you meet in person. In my vast personal experience with meeting people in person after “interacting” online, it’s highly overrated. I can’t say that I am any closer to those I’ve met than those I haven’t.

That said, the use of internet tools (you’re a tool) are just that – tools to assist you in meeting and making connections. But eventually you have to get out of the house. And no, I dont mean yo mama’s basement. Because that is a myth that needs to die die die.

So as the article above says, let’s be rid once and for all of the notion that anything web-based is for nerds, dorks, geeks and losers, and let’s embrace these methods for all our futures and our posterity and whatnot. Deal?

and apparently, this is a locker gnome…


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