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the formerly unwritten rules of facebook

I’m not telling anyone what to do. Except that I am.

1. Do NOT tag people in photos. Do NOT. No exceptions.

I used to do this. I have decided to stop. The more polite way is to write a comment (and not in the photo description) with their name (you can use the @ here) to alert them to the photo’s existence. The even more polite way is send them the photo privately and ask if it’s ok to post. I also try to remember to set the settings on a photo album as “FRIENDS” only which will avoid stalking incidences.

2. Do not tag people in the body of your status msg unless you MEAN to post it on their page. When you post multiple people in a status it shows up on EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S PAGE. This can get annoying and overwhelming. again, post what you want and then in a comment you can tag someone to bring it to their attention. or not. if they dont see it themselves without any prompting from you, maaaybe they actually dont like you… !

3. Do invite people to events that they are actually in the area of. The way events are now, you have to select each person individually. Mass invitations are like plopping a bunch of business cards on a table in the lobby or a restroom or something. It might catch my eye, but it also might make me ignore you completely.

4. Do suggest friends to me but maybe write an explanation as to why. It’s kind of like introducing people in person. Societal norm is to say something about them that might be of interest. Not saying anything means you either have no idea who this person is or you are trying to get out of a conversation.

5. Disregard #4 if you are introducing me to a single hot guy. You may be excused.

6. Give props where they are due. Don’t know who took the photo you are posting or can’t find a link about it? Probably shouldn’t post it. The biggest crime of the internet is the overt plagiarism of all intellectual property.

7. That said, don’t feel you have to apologize by “sharing” something a friend posted or ask permission. If the original poster (the OP for those in the know) gets offended that you shared something they posted … they need to get over themselves. Also I personally don’t need credit that I alerted you to something unless I am actually the creator of said something.

8. That said, CREATE SOMETHING. just clicking LIKE all day is not all that interesting. I know if I could figure out a career based on Liking things on FB, I would be a millionaire. So just try to do something unique and totally YOU. Conversely, you could just send me money.

9. And THAT said, DO re-post and support those people who are creating new things, events, businesses, etc. Even if you think everyone knows about it already, doesn’t matter. Post it again. The average reach of any given post is like 15% – that means post something and about 15% of your friends will actually see it. This number is fairly small for most. Critical mass is never reached by most individuals on their own, so the more people post it, the more that 15% grows.

10. And finally, LIKE MY PAGES!

That should go without saying… but I’ll say it anyway. Because I know my 15% … not counting the ones who have me on ignore.

and this just made me laugh…


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