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assembly required

First off, I have to make the following disclaimer: I am more of a DC/Vertigo girl than a Marvel girl. This will more than likely taint the rest of this opinion – which is of course an opinion completely of mine and I am just as entitled as the next person. Unless the next person is Joss Whedon whose opinion probably carries a bit more oomph than mine. In some circles.

Secondly, when someone asks me if a movie is “good” I always ask them (because I like answering questions with questions) what movies would you consider “good” because that has a lot to do with it.

That said, Avengers was good. It was not super awesome and it was not tragically unawesome. In some ways, it must be tough for Whedon to live up to the Whedon. I mean going into this thing you think two things – it will be snarky and it will be well cast. And it isn’t that the Avengers were not snarky or well cast, but there wasn’t enough snark – again in my opinion – and the cast did pretty much what you expected. The script was a bit sparse in terms of, you know, words and stuff. If you had no idea what the back stories were, you would be completely and utterly lost. Which is fine I guess because the general assumption is that everyone knows the Avengers and their back stories which seems to be a fairly rational assumption given that people can name most if not all the characters. (these same people cannot name the presidents or all three branches of the government, but who cares! wait, there are three branches of government???)

Without spoiling anything, you do have to stay through to the end of the credits, because at this point, we all know *something* will happen at the end of the credits. I mean how else do you get people to sit through credits? It’s not for the soundtrack that’s for sure.

And while on the soundtrack thing, I feel like the music to a lot of these epic superhero blockbuster movies are getting fairly redundant. Where are the great epic scores that everyone can hum – like Indiana Jones or I don’t know… Blazing Saddles? I love those composers who have themes for each character and weave them into the score throughout the movie. it really is kinda awesome. but I digress…

One thing this movie did do for me was cause me to actually want to see Captain America. I am not a huge crazy fan of CGI stuff because for the most part I feel that all the stuff you can do with CGI tends to take the place of stuff like a PLOT and CHARACTERS and DIALOGUE and so you just get big big big explosions! more fighting! more wreckage! yay! But take all that out and you get about 10 minutes of spoken lines. And if it’s Samuel L. Jackson delivering them it’s funny for about 5 of those minutes. (I kept having flashbacks to Unbreakable every time Nick Fury was talking.)

So all this to say, was it good? Sure. It was good. I might see it again. It was definitely a movie to set up all the sequels that we know are coming.

“Did you see a little Asian child with a blank expression sitting outside in a mechanical helicopter that shakes when you put quarters in it?”


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