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my name is MCA…

Love them or hate them, everyone’s heard of them. Beastie Boys. You cannot be under the age of about 60 and not have heard them. Who hasn’t been somewhere at some time shouting “You gotta fight for your right to party?” It was the soundtrack of our teens. I mean they made being from Brooklyn the coolest thing you could be. Licensed to Ill came out in 1986 with such accolades as Rolling Stone’s “Three idiots make a masterpiece” and every party you went to from about 1987 til about, well, tonight will feature at least one of the tracks from it.

Maybe it’s a New York thing, but we all felt like we knew them. Like they were guys from our school or up the block. We wanted to party with them because they were just some nice Jewish boys we saw at the school dance or bagging groceries at the A&P or wherever. You just got the feeling if you asked them to come to a party, they would. And I do think that’s the New York thing. I hope Brooklyn does something big tonight. Because it’s like the end of an era… and it came far too soon…


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