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geek sexy

You know what I mean. You see someone across the room. You can’t help but watch him because he has the exact configuration of physical features you deem attractive. Eventually you find yourself talking to him and then one of two things happen: you lose interest or … HE IS A TOTAL GEEK!!! And the two of you start geeking out over any of the following: sci fi, Star Wars, comic books, Batman, Neil Gaiman, Firefly, MST3k, Douglas Adams, Watchmen, Alan Moore, xckd, random math problems.

The funny thing is that in my personal experience, this is rare. Maybe it’s because I tend to pick out the pretty boys who are more interested in their looks and what car they drive than what Joss Whedon is up to. It’s my personal flaw really that I find the guy who uses more hair care products than me good looking. I mean I applaud the effort. But after a few conversations, I mean if we are able to drum up a few, I lose interest. It’s not his fault. It’s probably the chemicals in the shaving cream he uses. On his chest.

Now let’s not mince words or anything. The stereotypical geek is stereotypical for a reason. I’m not sure which comes first – the geekiness or the complete disinterest in matching your clothing. But in the past couple decades, I mean I have read this – because I’m not really old enough to remember more than 2 decades – geeks have become the hot ones. The sci-fi crowd has grown up and taken over. And now they are also the same group of people who use gel and aren’t as creepy when they stare at you. But I have always found that trying to date someone who doesn’t get your jokes and references, or hasn’t seen the movie you are always quoting, or fails to understand the significance of whatever movie is your favorite, well, this doesn’t make the best recipe for a healthy long-lasting relationship. No matter how hot one or both of you are, geek always trumps.


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