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marriage is momentary

To be honest, I hate it when a celeb pastor like Keller or Piper comes out with a new book on marriage because then EVERYBODY is talking about marriage – as if they weren’t talking about marriage in the first place. Ugh. Sitting through endless plugs for studies like Love and Respect in church and other marriage seminars, I get images of little tiny demons with black wings flying by me with fire pokers needling away at my head and heart. Laughing teeheehee teeheehee. (I probably need to pray more.)

But then, you come across something like this below from John Piper and you want to jump up and down like a little girl clapping her hands for ice cream. Because it’s that rad.

What truths shine more brightly through singleness?

  1. The truth that the family of God grows not by propagation through sexual intercourse, but by regeneration through faith in Christ,
  2. The truth that relationships in Christ are more permanent, and more precious, than relationships in families (and, of course, it is wonderful when relationships in families are also relationships in Christ; but we know that is often not the case);
  3. The truth that marriage is temporary and finally gives way to the relationship to which it was pointing all along: Christ and the church – the way a picture is no longer needed when you see face-to-face;
  4. The truth that faithfulness to Christ defines the value of life; all other relationships get their final significance from this. No family relationship is ultimate; relationship to Christ is.

– John Piper, from This Momentary Marriage: A parable of permanence


One thought on “marriage is momentary

  1. Ugh indeed! My church is doing a series this summer on “Gold Medal Families”, so I’m having a hard time in even being interested.

    It’s so refreshing to see that John Piper is acknowledging the value of singles in the body of Christ!

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